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Why Your Heating System Needs to Be Serviced

If your heater or furnace has suddenly stopped working, then it is time to call AC Repair San Ramon. With years of experience and some of the lowest rates in San Ramon, CA, they can get your heater back in use. There are several reasons why a central air heating system may suddenly stop, but there are a few common reasons. Some are more complicated than others, so having a technician check your heater out will save you time and money.

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Thermostats that control heaters and furnaces can also have common malfunctions. When you set the desired temperature of your home, the thermostat then tells the system how much heat to give off so that every room in your home can be the perfect temp. One way it can malfunction is by breaking completely and never kicking the heater on in the first place. It can also make the fans that blow the warm air shut off causing the heater to run but not warm your home. If either are the case, then a new thermostat will need to be installed. This is relatively easy for a repairman to do, and the cost will depend on what type of thermostat you want. Consider installing a programmable thermostat so that way you can set different temperatures for different times of the day. Throughout the night or when no one is home, you can have it lower, and then start heating the house up right before you wake up or get home for the evening. This will save on your energy bills dramatically.

Poor heating control can happen when the air flow is poor. When the warm air cannot flow properly, then it may take much longer for your home to reach a particular temperature or never reach the temp at all. This can be caused by bad belts, broken motors, worn out bearings, or dirty filters. Since there are so many things that can cause this complication, it does take expertise to find the solution. This can oftentimes be avoided when regular maintenance is done on furnaces. Once the technician from AC Repair San Ramon solves the problem, you may want to ask about when you should next have maintenance checkup done. This will extend the lifespan of the heater and save you from having to call someone out every winter.

Common Heater/Furnace Problems

HVAC heating and gas furnace service

Broken ignition switches or blown out pilot lights are also extremely common reasons why heaters break. If the heater cannot turn on, then, of course, no heat will be produced. Ignition switches are cheap, and will only take a few minutes for the technician to install. Relighting your pilot light is also easy, but do be aware of the dangers involved if you want to do it yourself. You are dealing with gas, so not knowing exactly what you are doing can be very dangerous.

Although there are many reasons why a heater can break, the most common ones are easy to fix and will not cost too much. Since more than likely you will not discover that your heater does not work until you need it in the winter, it is best to have regular maintenance scheduled. Norman Collier and his staff will help you will emergency situations and give you tips to ensure that you are ready for winter.

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