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air conditioning repair in san ramon

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers

Air conditioning repair in San Ramon, CA
Reviewed by: Dan Koloski on 9-24-2012

"Norm did a First Class Job! We had a new air conditioning system installed by AC Repair San Ramon and the results couldn't be any better."

"These guys are great. I set up an appointment for the following day to have Norm come out and inspect my air conditioning/heating unit. Norm arrived right on time. I was impressed with his knowledge and went with his recommendation to replace my central air unit. Norm and his guys were respectful and polite; it was a pleasure talking with them. Incredibly good work at a great price!"
Rating: 5/5 5 Star Rating: Recommended

Fast, Friendly Air Conditioning, HVAC Service is what you can expect

Emergency air conditioning and heating service

We service all major brands of air conditioning, central air conditioning units, heaters and furnaces. We repair and maintain commercial and residential systems on a per month basis to keep your system trouble free.

You will be pleased at our response time for repairs because we are local and have all the necessary parts and tools to get your system back up and running like new.

We offer a comprehensive tune up for a low introductory price that will give you an idea of your central air systems performance.

Our Heating & Cooling Services in San Ramon, CA Include:

  1. Air Conditioning Repair
  2. Emergency Service
  3. Heater & Furnace Repair
  4. Complete HVAC Service
  5. New Air Conditioners Sold
  1. AC Tune Ups
  2. Central Air Conditioning Units
  3. Replacement Thermostats
  4. Emergency Residential Service
  5. Commercial AC Units Serviced

How We Guarantee The Best HVAC Service in San Ramon?

HVAC repair and service in San Ramon

Taking the time to properly diagnose air conditioners and heating units takes an educated HVAC company who knows the correct options for determining what type of service you need. You can't merely accept the same cookie cutter approach for such a wide variation of systems. For example several previous air conditioners are less effective and significantly weaker than modern versions and this is only foreseen with years of training and experience.

Our technician's can advise you of points you can do to help the unit operating at top performance. Another aspect we focus on is the air ducts as they could be a large element in efficiency to keep up the air ducts requires special systems to test the flow through as it's an integrated area of the HVAC system. For commercial units a service contract might be more appropriate.

AC Repair San Ramon's air conditioning repair service encompassing a big region. Our licensed specialists and experienced technicians are qualified to help you cut costs on your PG&E bills and help balance your air circulation, deploy and select the very best most effective heating and cooling system for your house.

Looking at the Basics of Air Conditioning

Air conditioning fundamentals depend on basic facts often discovered throughout first-year chemistry. To be able to make cooling, an air conditioner should change a substance from its gaseous state into a liquid state, and vice versa. These changes enable the A/C unit to take heat from the inside of the house and move it outside.

Getting your air conditioner checked out is a major step in improving your overall performance. You'll get a written statement from us of the things needed to carry your home to high performance requirements. This will save you the most money in your energy costs. The AC installation is just the first stage. Correct padding, energy-saving devices, protected windows and more can help you acquire optimum interior convenience while having low bills. Your local power company might provide rewards or scholarships to help offset the price building your home energy efficient.

replacement air conditioners and heaters sold in San Ramon, CA

When you're considering buying a system, the very first thing to complete is decide the size you need. This can help to keep your San Ramon house relaxed and your energy costs low. The greatest error people make is over sizing. You may think that obtaining a larger unit could keep you much more comfortable. But while a unit that's too large for your house might cool your areas rapidly, the unit can create problems.

A/C units consist of three main components: a condenser, which is often located on the part of the unit that's outside the house and A converter, which is located inside. A chemical refrigerant is moved by a closed cycle inside the system through these three elements. This is actually the fundamental theory behind air conditioning your house.

It's a good idea to consider not just cost but additionally (SEER) ratings when you compare units for AC installment. This is why we sell high performance AC units with the greatest SEER ratings. Look for the Energy Star accreditation that is also created by a unit. The brand we prefer and recommend most is Carrier. We offer extra discounts and bonuses from the manufacturer when they become available. We can help you complete the required paperwork and save you a lot of money.

San Ramon's Unique Heating & Cooling Needs

The city's population over the last ten years has increased sixty one percent and continues to grow at a rapid pace. We have been chosen as the primary HVAC contractor for the last twenty years because we continue to educate our staff on new technology. There are over seventeen thousand houses in San Ramon and over 15,000 have central air conditioning units that need some sort of maintenance.

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